Tongue cancer:-

Tongue cancer is the cancer type affects mouth and oropharynx. Tongue has two parts, anterior tongue and base of tongue. If anterior tongue gets cancer, it is known as oral cancer. When the posterior base of tongue is affected with cancer is called as oropharyngeal cancer.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the common type of tongue cancer. Squamous cells are the flattened cells forms the mucus lining of mouth, nose, pharynx or throat.

Causes of tongue cancer:-

* The exact causes of tongue cancer is not known.

* The suspected causes of tongue cancer are

* Smoking tobacco,

* chewing tobacco, and

* excess alcohol consumption.

Symptoms of tongue cancer:-

* Red or white spot on the skin, for long time.

* Chronic sore throat,

* Numbness in tongue or mouth,

* Bleeding of unknown origin in the tongue,

* Pain while chewing or swallowing,

* Sore spot on the tongue which has not healed,

* Some times pain in ear

These are the main symptoms of tongue cancer.

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