We live in amazing times. Who would have ever believed that they would invent cosmetics for your teeth? But that is exactly what home tooth whitening gels are – cosmetics. We whiten our skin, bleach age spots, lighten dark circles around our eyes and now we can bleach our teeth at home. Home tooth whitening is a dentistry technique that has been adapted to home use.

Powder and Gloss

If you look at a woman’s cosmetic tray you will probably find powder and lip-gloss and eye shadow. If you look at a man’s cosmetic tray, there might be after shave conditioner and men’s cologne. But today, on either tray you could possibly find a home tooth whitening kit. There are several reasons why someone would choose a home procedure over an in-office procedure.

  • More convenient because it is done in the privacy of your home
  • Costs less than in-house dental office procedures
  • Still uses professional strength gel
  • Can use kit to re-whiten teeth when new stain appears on teeth

There are two home tooth whitening procedures.

  • Whitening toothpastes and gel strips
  • Tray based teeth bleaching – consider as the most effective in-home procedure is the tray based bleaching process.

Butler Service

When you talk about tray service, it can bring to mind a proper butler bringing tea on a tray. But the tray this procedure uses is a tray that has been created to fit the shape of your teeth. It is reminiscent of a sports tooth guard. This process is dentist supervised and is a good alternative to laser tooth whitening. The procedure is simple.

  • Dentist takes an impression of the teeth
  • A mouthpiece tray is customized to fit the teeth
  • Gel is applied to the mouthpiece
  • Wear the guard each night for up to 4 weeks

This tray does not bring you food or drink. It brings you white teeth! By using the dental home tooth whitening process, there are several benefits that can be obtained.

    • Since the tooth tray is customized and fits tightly, the hydrogen peroxide gel does not get onto the gums
    • There is maximum contact between the teeth and the gel
    • The dentist is able to determine if the teeth whitening process will be effective before you spend the money
    • The dentist can match the gel to your teeth to achieve maximum results
    • The dentist can monitor the process in the event you have sensitive teeth or a problem occurs

Over The Counter Cosmetics

Home tooth whitening products are available over-the-counter. They are the most inexpensive whitening process. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The over the counter bleaching gels are not as strong as professional gels used by a dentist. Because of this, the gel does not go as deep into the enamel. Therefore, not all stains may be removed, but your teeth will be lightened. They also have the added advantage of ease of use. As with any bleaching gel, be alert to any sensitivity in your gums you may experience while using the product. Also, no matter what method you choose, always check with a dentist to make sure the product is safe.

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