Kill the cigarette before it kills you.  Although it may sound a tad bit over dramatic, there is no denying all of the health risks (very real and very fatal risks, might I add) that huffing and puffing away brings.

How to quit smokingWhether you are a lifetime smoker of two packs a day or even if you just recently picked it up and do it socially every now and then, if you have made the great decision to quit (or if you know someone who has), then here are the top 5 tips- your quit smoking help!

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, first of all, you have to decide what approach you are going to take.  This can be a trial and error kind of thing, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get it eventually, and if you’re really lucky, the first approach will be the last.

You see, you can decide to quit gradually.  Start by reducing the number of sticks you have a day until you reach zero- a good tip would before you to set a date on when exactly that would (or at least should) be.

But if you don’t want to do it the slowly but not exactly however crossing fingers surely type, you can just go for it one time big time- quit cold turkey.  Quit the minute you are up to your very last stick.  Don’t bother buying another pack.  Or, if you are really determined, throw the pack you have away the minute you decide this.

Also, you have to decide if you want to do this free and clear of any “help” or if you want to try some nicotine patches, maybe go to a forum of sorts, and the like.

how to quit smokingSpread The Word

Smoking is actually a kind of social habit of sorts- you take a cigarette break with your coworkers or light up when you have a night out with friends. So it can be pretty hard to stay true to your quit smoking plan when people are offering you cigarettes, let alone smoking left and right.

You should tell people that you are trying to quit so that they will be more “sensitive”, so to speak, but at the same time understand why you would rather play a quick game of solitaire on your computer instead of heading on to the smoking area whenever you have the chance.

Also, it will be great to have support from family and friends.

Water, Candy, And Deep Breaths

It is perfectly normal for you to have the urge to light up- just don’t do it.  Of course, it is much easier said than done.  So when you feel one coming on, you should stop, take a good 10-15 deep breaths, drink some water, and chew on your favorite candy.  Hopefully, this will get you through.

You see, smoking is also like an oral fixation.  Not necessarily just puffing at your cigarette, but just having it on your lips.  Candy, or just about anything you can chew, is supposed to take its place.

how to quit smokingRemember Why You’re Doing This

It is very important to stay motivated if you want to do this successfully.  So you should always remember why you are doing this- for health reasons, most likely, or maybe even for your family and friends, or the person you have had your eye on simply does not date smokers.  Whatever your reason may be, keep it in mind.  Sty determined and dedicated.

Reap The Rewards

A little incentive never hurt.  So every time you make it through a given amount of time, give yourself a reward.  You can start with making it through the first day to a whole week, then an entire month.  You can reward yourself with a piece of chocolate cake, maybe a getting yourself a new book or dvd, and finally, when you have totally kicked the habit, maybe even a nice little vacation.

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