You’ve no doubt heard it before, but you need to eat fruit everyday. This has become a bit of a mantra these days but the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor a way probably sums it up best. Eating fruit will help to keep you healthy as it delivers nutrients to your body that it needs.
What’s more, if you are interested in looking after your skin, specific fruits are better than others…give you more bang for your buck you could say. Here’s 5 fruits that will help you fight wrinkles.


Yes, the common or garden apple comes in at number one. Mainly because they are easy to get and reasonably priced but also because they really do help your skin. Sure, they may not have a sexy or exotic name like a rambutan or a dragon fruit but they can do wonders for wrinkles.

Apple skins have a flavonoid called Quercetin in them. This is a powerful anti-oxidant that can prevent  free radical damage to skin cells. Free radical damage is often the cause of wrinkles and general deterioration of the skin.

2.Kiwi Fruit

While we are on about Vitamin C, we should probably mention the kiwi fruit. Taste a perfectly ripe Kiwi fruit and you’ll get that zinging taste sensation. Is that the vitamin C ? Well…why not. It is jam packed with the vitamin. And this can help you ward off the wrinkles if you consume one a day.

Kiwi fruit are also thought to increase collagen synthesis in skin cells. As you probably know, collagen gives skin that plump, youthful look and prevents wrinkles from forming.

Kiwi fruit also has a substance called polysaccharides that are thought to stimulate skin cell proliferation. Skin cells naturally “turn over” with new cells replacing old or dead skin cells. This gives the skin a more youthful look. Eating Kiwi fruit can help this natural process especially as we age and it tend to slow down.


Apricots can also help you fight the signs of aging on your skin. They contain a high amount of Beta-carotene in them which helps combat those dreaded free radicals. As we already mentioned, free radicals damage the skin cells but they have the same affect on all the body’s cells so eating high anti-oxidant foods, be they fruit or otherwise should be high on your list.

Apricots also contain vitamin C, vitamin B, Potassium and Iron which help the body function.

Apricots also contain fatty acids (Linoleic and Oleic) that are believed to improve the structural integrity of all cells in the body. They boost the membrane of the cells keeping them more resilient and able to function normally.


Cantaloupe is a lovely summer fruit that is super refreshing. It’s also a powerful source of vitamin C. Vit. C  (to it’s pals) is the big kahuna when it comes to free radical busting. It also helps to create vitamin E in the body. This is another powerful anti-oxidant that helps keeps wrinkles away from the skin.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are often referred to as a super food. What makes up a super food is not always clear but it seems to be a high source of anti-oxidants. Blueberries certainly tick that box. They have a substance called anthocyanins in them. This is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps keep skin cells healthy.

It also helps the circulation..or the cells that make up blood vessels. Blood vessels transport nutrients to the body. As the skin is usually the last stop on the circulation track, it’s important that it works for skin to stay healthy.

Bonus – Tomato, yes it is a fruit and a popular question at trivia nights. Tomatoes form the basis of the increasingly popular Mediterranean diet. Folks living around the Mediterranean sea live longer and are healthier than many other people. And their diet has been identified as one of the factors behind this enviable quality.

Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene which is also a powerful anti-oxidant.    kiwi fruit saladSo get a few of these fruits into you each day. It doesn’t matter how. Juicing is a delicious and easy way to get a few at one time and makes a nice start for the day. It’s also nice to experiment to find your perfect recipe. Munch on an apple for lunch. Cut a few pieces of melon and kiwi fruit, then sprinkle a few blueberries on the top. This makes for a wrinkle fighting fruit salad as a dessert after a main meal.

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