Thick, bushy eyebrows are beautiful, take Brooke Shields for example, and are also a sign of youth. Yes, you read that right. Remember, sometimes keeping your hair “there” becomes a problem with age, not only on your head but on your face as well. Eyebrows do tend to thin as the years go by.

But the good news is that there are great home remedies that can help you have thicker brows naturally. Check out the list below, most of which you probably already have right in your kitchen or somewhere around the house.

coconut oil

1. Coconut Oil– known for it’s hair growing properties, it is the perfect solution for thinning brows. All you have to do is massage a drop or two onto your brows and leave overnight. Plus, it is also known to make the color of your brows darker too.

Castor oil2. Castor Oil– Another great oil for thickening eyebrows is castor oil. Massage onto your eyebrows twice a day. It has been known to fight off any microorganisms that may slow down growth while strengthening roots at the same time.

olive oil3. Olive Oil– One more oil that I would recommend is Olive Oil. Chances are, you are bound to have one of the three, right? Apply once a day following the direction of your hair growth.

4. Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera is definitely a plant must have.

Aloe VeraPromoting hair growth is one out of it’s many uses. Simply pick a fresh leaf, squeeze out the gel, and apply onto your eyebrows. Not only will Aloe Vera make your eyebrows thicker, but softer and shinier too.

5. Egg– The first thing you have to do is crack the egg open, separate the white from the yolk, and beat the yolk. Apply on your eyebrows. Because this is a tad bit messier than the other, you can use a Q-tip instead of your finger tip, but the latter will suffice, of course. Now, let it sit for a good 20 minutes before you rinse off. Cold if not cool water. This will improve hair follicles and help promote growth.

6. Onion Juice– Slice a fresh onion and squeeze out the juice.

onionApply on your eyebrows but avoid getting any in your eyes. Because onions are full of sulfur, this will increase blood circulation around the area hence promoting hair growth. Because this may be smelly, you can let it sit for about 30-40 minutes then rinse off.

7. Vitamin E- Cut open a capsule and apply the gel directly on your brows. Vitamin EIt is best to do this before you go to bed and just leave it overnight. This will make your hair stronger, prevent any from falling, plus it improves the overall quality as well as the thickness of your brows.

vaseline8. Vaseline– Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly thickens, strengthens, and conditions your eyebrows. Plus, it also moisturizes the skin underneath which promotes growth too. Apply two to three times daily.

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