Nails need proper care too, otherwise they may become thin and brittle. They could have ridges and dents and even an unusual color, if not the entire nail but certain parts of it. Maybe even a change it’s shape, maybe even some curling.

Worst case scenario? There could be bleeding around your nails, swelling or pain, and even separation of nails from your skin. (If you notice any of these, you probably should pay your doctor a visit!)

Unhealthy nails can be more than just unflattering. So it’s important to give your nails some love too. Here are some great tips and trick to having healthier, stronger nails.

don't bite your nails1. Don’t bite your nails. If you don’t already, great! But if you do have that bad habit, it has got to stop. The same goes for overly picking your nails too. Of course it’s important to keep them clean, but doing so too aggressively or just out of nervousness or stress can lead to fractures on the corners and even breaks.

use rubber gloves2. Speaking of cleaning, when dealing with rather harsh chemicals to keep your home spic and span, be sure to protect your hands and nails with rubber gloves.

wear warm gloves or mittens
3. And speaking of gloves, not the rubber kind though, when it’s winter or way WAY too cold outside, be sure to put some on too. The cold can actually dry and even deteriorate your nails.

wear sunscreen
4. Just as it is part of your skin care routine, slather on some sunscreen over your hands and nails too.


5. The same goes for using a good moisturizer. Moisturizer is a must!

manicure maintenance6. Make sure to get a manicure, or give yourself one, as part of your weekly if not monthly maintenance. Putting on polish is not necessary. It’s just mainly about cleaning, cutting, and filing. However, it has been proven that wearing polish can actually help protect your nails. Just always remember to put on a base coat and a top coat.

remove polish7. But just as putting your polish on, you have to be sure to take it off too. Never ever let you polish sit until chipped and more. Although we’ve all been guilty of it a time or two, it has to stop. Not only is it absolutely unsightly but the when the polish starts to chip, the top layer of your nail may sometimes come off with it too. Plus leaving polish on too long may also lead to discoloration.

massage nails with argan oil8. Massage your cuticles. Why is this important? Your nail actually begins to form just below your cuticles. By massaging your cuticles, you are actually bringing blood into that area which then helps promote the growth of healthy and strong nails. Argan oil is great for this, or petroleum jelly.

biotin9. As we always say here at BeYouthful, beauty begins from within, and that goes for nail care too. Be sure to take in a good amount of protein everyday and if you can, take some biotin supplements.

drink water
10. Drink a lot of water too. This will also help keep your nails hydrated.

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