Below we have discussed some of the most effective natural remedies for gout:

Celery: Celery is an excellent ingredient for preventing gout symptoms. This herb works by preventing the production of uric acid crystals. According to expert herbalists, both supplementation of the herb and fresh celery are effective in controlling the signs of gout. 2 capsules, each containing celery seed extracts of 500mg is the perfect daily dose for gout patients. If the celery is taken in form of food, one shGoutould consume tea prepared by brewing ½-1 teaspoon of ground celery seeds into a cupful of boiled water 4 times every day.

Nettle compress: According to experts of alternative medicines, a combination of cold and hot compresses can effectively reduce the pain caused by gout attacks. Start by applying the hot compress on the painful region for 3 minutes; follow it up with application of the cold compress for 1 minute. Keep on alternating the two compresses for 30 minutes to get relief from the signs of gout. Alternatively, you can also prepare a tea by steeping 1-2 teaspoon of dried leaves of nettle in a cupful of boiling hot water for using it as the hot compress. Soak a piece of cloth into the tea and apply it on the painful body parts. Leave the cloth until it cools down; this will allow your skin to absorb the herbal extract. Continue the application procedure for 30 minutes; for best effects you should repeat the procedure whenever you feel the pain induced by gout. The herb nettle is diuretic in nature; it works by flushing out uric acid from our body and thus effectively reduces gout.

Cherries and berries: Purines are known to aggravate the signs of gout. The food items rich in purines include anchovies, mushrooms, liver, seafood, alcohol etc. Studies have shown that consumptions of cherries and berries (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries) can help in removing purines from our system. If you are suffering from gout, it is advisable that you consume a minimum of ½ lb of cherries or berries per day.

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