Removal or the treatment of red acne scars includes some internal medications and some external therapies. Combining them, one can get rid of red acne scars.

Acne is said to be one of the most troublesome conditions for the people especially for the youth. Once the acne attacks, it leaves the red scar behind. The scar appears like red spots on the faces and other part of the body making the condition more embarrassing. There are lot many dermatological procedures that minimize the red acne scars. Though acne is considered to be self-limiting disorder, many times become stubborn and leave their red scars on the skin for the lifelong period. In general terminology, these scars appear craterlike scars or ‘ice pick’ pit scars.

Generally, red acne scars are examined and treated according to their type, location on the body and their severity. This also depends on various conditions like your age, medical history and overall health. Removal or the treatment of red acne scars includes some internal medications and some external therapies. Combining them, one can get rid of red acne scars.

Some of the effective treatment for red acne scars

Collagen Injections

The collage derived from the purified bovine collagen is used in this treatment. After deriving the collagen, it is then injected beneath the skin. This collagen will replace the natural collagen of the body that is lost during the acne attacks. Collagen injections are commonly used to treat facial lines, acne scars and sometimes also to treat wrinkles.

Autologus Fat Transfer – AFT

Fat transferring, as the name suggest, is something resembling to the grafting. In this procedure, the fat is taken from other site of the patient’s own body. Then that fat is injected into the affected area of the skin. The body accepts this fat very well as it is body’s own fat. This fat, which is beneath the superficial layer of the skin, will elevate the depressed scars and thereafter that scar is removed.

This technique is done on the scars made by nodulocystic acne. The bad material under the skin is replaced by body’s own fat. Since, the fat has property to get absorbed, the treatment is to be repeated after some months.


This is the method used to remove the superficial layer of the skin. The procedure is done by electric machine. This treatment is very useful in the scars, which are small in size.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser technique includes the high-energy light beam that burns out the damaged skin. The damage occurred to skin is the bad portion carrying the skin disease or irregularity. The laser treatment is perfumed to minimize acne scars and wrinkles.

Chemical Peels and Punch Grafts

Chemical peels are performed to treat the upper layer of the skin where the scar is situated. The skin damaged by heat stroke or the skin with altered pigmentation just like red acne scars are been treated with chemical peels. If the red scar mark is containing pus, then this is not an ideal choice to treat.

The hole is punched on the skin to remove red acne scars in the treatment called Punch grafts. One the scar is removed; it is replaced by the unscarred skin. This skin is generally taken from the back of the ear lobe.

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