You may have reached a stage in your life where you wonder if you have a predisposition for certain types of heart disease since some members of your extended family have fallen ill from one variety or another previously. You may wish to get a medical opinion regarding your current state of health – particularly of the heart. If there are early signs and symptoms of potential heart disease, you can work on a curative plan to reduce future discomfort, pain and the agony from some types of heart disease.

Genetic Factors Relevant To Heart Disease

There are various types of heart disease. If your family history has a predisposition for a particular type, be sure to bring this to the attention of your doctor. A good example would be to find out if your parents have high cholesterol levels particularly if they ever suffered a heart attack or stroke. Your doctor can then pay more attention to the usual signs and symptoms of the heart disease and conduct specific tests and suggest a suitable treatment plan.

If your parents did suffer stroke or heart attack make sure that you inform your medical professional. It is acknowledged that high cholesterol is the most prevalent type of heart disease. Cholesterol is a normal part of blood chemistry. There is both good and bad cholesterol. It is when the bad cholesterol supersedes the good cholesterol that heart disease begins.

Stroke often occurs because of high blood cholesterol levels. This occurs because the blood being pumped to the heart has thickened and it cannot successfully pass through the veins and arteries. When the heart pumps blood to the head, the arteries in the head clog with plaque, the blood cannot pass through this and this causes a stroke.Картинки по запросу heart disease

When plaque caused by high cholesterol clogs the arteries surrounding the heart, another type of heart disease occurs. While the cause for high blood cholesterol levels has a number of causative factors, the eating of fatty foods is probably the main culprit. But genetics can also be responsible and so does the fact that your blood chemistry changes as you age.

The effects of high cholesterol levels will manifest with various symptoms. If you are experiencing these symptoms you could be on the way to developing this type of heart disease. You may also experience regular and extended chest pain and trouble breathing.

If at any stage you are concerned that you may be suffering from one of the types of heart disease, you must make an appointment to visit your doctor to see have him examine you for heart disease. Sometimes these symptoms could arise from extreme anxiety. If heart disease is discovered in it’s early stages, the condition is normally treated with medication. Remember to eat a health diet and always get the right amount of exercise to stay healthy.

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