What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by inflammation of the skin, itching, and thick, red areas of skin covered by silvery scales or flakes. Skin problems caused by psoriasis range from cases so mild the psoriasis goes unnoticed, to so severe that large areas of the body are covered.Skin problems associated with psoriasis commonly affect the scalp, joints and lower back of the psoriasis sufferer, although inflammation can occur anywhere on the body. Похожее изображениеOne of the more common types of skin disorders, psoriasis affects between five to seven million people in the United States, and over 150,000 new cases are reported yearly.

Is Psoriasis Contagious?
While psoriasis causes unsightly and emotionally distressing skin problems, it is not one of the contagious skin disorders. Patients are often embarrassed by the condition, and it can affect their social activity levels. Some people may have a negative reaction to psoriasis sufferers, and may avoid touching or interacting with them. This often leads to feelings of anger, frustration and depression. Self-esteem and self-worth can be damaged by social stigmas.

Is there a Psoriasis Cure?
Картинки по запросу PsoriasisPresently, there is no definitive cure for psoriasis, although clinical trials into the nature of psoriasis and other skin disorders are making headway. With the lack of a psoriasis cure, treatment concentrates on controlling inflammation and other symptoms. Priority is also given to identifying what triggers psoriasis in each patient and avoiding such triggers whenever possible.

Learning More about Psoriasis
This site educates patients, families and friends about psoriasis. Here you can learn about the many forms of psoriasis, what causes it, and how it’s treated. Having a clear understanding of their condition and its causes is essential for psoriasis sufferers as they need the confidence to participate in controlling it and explaining it to others.

Psoriasis and Eczema
Eczema and psoriasis are quite similar; both skin disorders cause inflammation of the skin, and both can cause itching. Eczema lacks the whitish scales associated with psoriasis, and is most frequently caused by allergic reactions. While psoriasis inflammation causes itching, eczema differs in that the itching starts before the rash appears.

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