The largest human organ isn’t the liver, the kidneys or the lungs: it’s the skin. Our skin is our front line protection against the outside world. It guards our internal organs against sunburn, dirt, and other dangers. It’s also an integral part of our appearance.Skin disorders number in the hundreds. Dermatitis, melanoma and other types of skin cancer, male pattern baldness, eczema, and psoriasis are just a few of the many types of skin problems. They can be caused by food allergies, sunburn, hormones, pregnancy, genetics or a host of other causes. Skin problems are rarely life threatening. Even skin cancer (including melanoma) often responds well to treatment if detected early enough. In advanced stages, however, melanoma is difficult to cure.

Famous Skin Problems. Skin disorders haven’t stopped some celebrities from success.Картинки по запросу Skin Conditions Try imagining Robert DeNiro without his mole. Actors James Woods and Bill Murray both bear the scars of acne damage. Small moles, or “beauty marks” are common amongst actresses: Marilyn Monroe, Jane Seymour and Cindy Crawford all have, or had, beauty marks.
Psychological and Emotional Factors Skin problems cause many people emotional pain and suffering. Some skin disorders are severe enough that patients can suffer depression. In a small number of cases, sufferers even become suicidal.

Acne outbreaks are almost universal among teenagers. The road to adulthood is difficult enough without the added stress of feeling self-conscious about one’s appearance. While your baby may be fussy from diaper rash, he’s not facing the same emotional anguish as the teenager who’s making up excuses to stay home from school.

In many cases, healing the emotional scars is bound to take even longer than treating the physical damage.

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