Typhoid fever is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium known as salmonella typhi. Typhoid fever is also called ENTERIC FEVER. The main cause of Typhoid fever is contaminated water and unhygienic food intake. It may be spread through interaction with carrier of salmonella typhi. Typhoid patient experiences high fever, sweating and infection in digestive tract and some time diarrhea. Typhoid is very common in developing countries and it is less often in developed countries.

Besides all its complications it is a curable disease and it can be treated through medications.Картинки по запросу Typhoid fever
Causes of Typhoid:   Typhoid causing pathogen is salmonella typhi. This bacterium can enter into healthy human by  DRINKING CONTAMINATED WATER,  eating uncovered food stuff and those who are already victim of typhoid serve you through unwashed hands after using toilet. So must wash hands after using toilet.
Signs & Symptoms of Typhoid:    Body temperature may increase up to 103 to 104 degrees and the following signs and symptoms might be experienced.
(1) Headache
(2) loss of appetite
(3) Body pain
(4) general weakness & fatigue
(5) Diarrhea
(6) Skin redness
Tips to prevent Typhoid:  You can protect yourself by Typhoid through leading life according to the hygienic conditions of health. Make a proper arrangement of drainage in houses and keep water supply away from drainage system so that chances of contamination in  DRINKING WATER  is avoided. Make sure that drinking water is cent per cent pure & clean. Must cover food properly and wash hands with soap after using toilet.

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