UCLA nurses:-

UCLA nurse are learned in UCLA nurse school. UCLA nurse are the nurse studied in UCLA nursing school in the United states. UCLA nurse school or nursing school was established on Los Angeles campus in 1949. The nursing school has national and international reputation for excellence in preparing qualified nurses. This nursing school is one of the top school among top 10 nursing schools in the United states.

University of Phoenix is also one of the reputed university in the united states.

Top ten nursing schools:-

1. Alabama campus: Birmingham Birmingham
2. Arkansas campus: Bentonville Bentonville
3. Arizona campuses: Phoenix , Phoenix, Tucson Tucson
4. California campuses: Bakersfield , Bakersfield, Diamond Bar , Diamond Bar,
5. Colorado campuses: Colorado Springs , Colorado Springs, Lone Tree Lone Tree
6. Florida campuses: Jacksonville , Jacksonville, Maitland , Maitland, Plantation ,
7. Georgia campuses: Atlanta , Atlanta, Augusta , Augusta, Columbus , Columbus,
8. Hawaii campus: Honolulu Honolulu
9. Idaho campus: Meridian Meridian
10. Indiana campus: Indianapolis Indianapolis
11. Kansas campus: McPherson McPherson
12. Louisiana campus: Metairie
13. Michigan campuses: Grand Rapids , Grand Rapids,
14. Minnesota campus: St. Louis Park St. Louis Park
15. Missouri campus: St. Louis St. Louis
16. New Mexico campus: Albuquerque Albuquerque
17. Ohio campus: Independence Independence
18. Oklahoma campuses: Oklahoma City , Oklahoma City, Tulsa Tulsa
19. Tennessee campus: Nashville Nashville
20. Utah campus: Salt Lake City Salt Lake City

In this modern era, nursing has a wide scope and students searches for good school of nursing. Nurse or nurses have a good future because of increasing health needs.

UCLA school of nursing:-

UCLA school of nursing teaches to students on scientific basis for nursing practice, leadership, and research in the field for nursing.

Essential clinical experiences is also provided to students in UCLA Medical Center.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programs are offered at UCLA school of nursing.

Various practice options in primary care, acute care, and nursing administration are provided to master degree nursing students at UCLA school of nursing.

The students of UCLA school are evolved as nurse practitioners, with several options for clinical preparation in primary or acute care.

All this features makes UCLA school of nursing as reputed nursing school in united states.

The UCLA school of nursing encourages the nursing students who do original research, generate new theories, and build the scientific basis for professional nursing practice.

The UCLA school f nursing teachers are highly qualified as they have national and international reputations for excellence in nursing field.

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