Dark underarm is a problem for  women who wear short sleeves. Most of  the time it lows the self esteem and they can’t move their arms freely in the gatherings. There are several underarm whitening products available in the market that can solve their problem but it affect the monthly budget. underarm whitenining tipsStandard and quality underarm whitening products are very expensive and most of the women can’t afford them regularly in the life. Still there are certain underarm whitening tips that are inexpensive and easy to use at home.

Underarm Whitening Tip: 1

Coconut oil is considered to be effective in underarm whitening skin. Take certain amount of pure coconut oil and apply it under your arm. Massage it slowly so that it absorb completely. Then wash it with soap and light warm water.

Underarm Whitening Tip: 2underarm whitening tip

lemon juice                    One table spoon
Cucumber juice             One table spoon
Turmeric powder          half spoon

Mix all the ingredients and make paste. Apply it underarm black skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it with soap and water. It’s a very effective underarm whitening tip.

Underarm Whitening Tip: 3

underarm whitening tip lemon juice                     One table spoon
Honey                               One table spoon
Alum                                 (Powder)

Mix lemon juice and honey and apply it under your arm. leave it for 30 minutes and wash it. Then pat alum powder under your arm. It’s a tested underarm whitening tip. Try it!

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