Urine test or urine analysis is the assessment of urine nature, colour, glucose in urine, passing urine test for various diagnostic procedure. Different components of urine are measured for diagnosis of various urinary disorders. Urine test is done for urine analysis of protein, glucose, etc.

  • Urine protein test : Urine analysis for protein is called urine protein test. protein in urine is found with excessive work, urinary tract infection etc. Protein in urine is caused as proteinuria.
  • Urine drug test : Identifying drug elimination and drug concentration in urine is called Urine drug test.
  • passing urine test : Urine passing and collecting should be hygienic, and should not be contaminated. Contaminated urine can alter the test result.
  • Glucose urine test : Glucose in urine is found in diabetic patients. Normally urine glucose test is negative.
  • Pregnancy urine test : HCG – Human chorionic gonadotropin is present in urine during pregnancy. Pregnancy urine test is the easy and most common to identify whether the mother is pregnant or not. Pregnancy urine test can be done in home using a strip available in medical shops or pharmacy.
  • Pass a urine test : Pass urine into a clean container to provide urine for diagnostic test.
  • Urine test results : Result can be obtained very soon. Microscopic examination may be delayed by some hours. Pregnancy urine test results are very fast and can get results in some minutes.
  • Cocaine urine test : This test is done for identification of cocaine in urine. The result is positive in narcotic drug abused individuals.
  • Polyurea : Excess passing of urine is called as polyurea. poluurea is the main symptom of diabetes mellitus.
  • Glucose urea : Urine with glucose is called as Glucose urea and is also sign of diabetes.
  • Best urine test : Urine test is best for diagnosing many disorders of urinary system.
  • Buy urine test : The strips used for glucose test and pregnancy test also gives correct result and patients can buy urine test strips.
  • Urinalysis is the assessment of urine colour, odour, urine glucose test, ketone bodies, red blood cells in urine, White blood cells in urine, Dark urine are analysed during Urinalysis. Nephritis, glomerulonephritis, Kidney infection, Pyelonephritis, in all these diseases urinalysis is done for diagnosis of disease condition.

Urine concentration is increased during:-

* Dehydration
* Excessive sweating
* Heavy exercise or sweating
* Oliguria,
* Diarrhea,
* Nephrotic syndrome
* Vomiting
* Starvation etc.

When urine concentration is increased the colour of urine becomes dark and specific gravity of urine may go up. Increased concentration may lead to acidic urine.

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