Question: I am a public personality. I went to the dentist as few of my teeth were very loose. He removed my teeth as they were very shaky. What Can be done now that few of my teeth have been removed. Can I use dentures.? Will dentures make me look different? Will I be able to eat properly after using dentures? Will I be able to speak properly after using new dentures? Is sleeping with denture safe? Can my dentures be fixed permanently?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): You can go ahead with dentures. It takes time to adjust with the new dentures. But by regular use you will get adjusted to it. Dentures won’t make you look different, in fact  it will make you look better than now. Eating with new dentures takes time, as the oral musculature needs time to adjust to the new prosthesis in your mouth. Sometimes it’s difficult to eat with dentures as they are less retentive than fixed prosthesis. Картинки по запросу dentures – aestheticsThe chewing efficiency is less with dentures as it takes more then normal time to chew food. Talking with dentures also needs practice. Using denture throughout the day creates muscular tension related to oral cavity, and if the dentures are worn in the night also this might aggravate the stress. Thus wearing dentures is not advisable while sleeping. With recent advances in dentistry and by invention of implants the dentures can be made more comforting and more efficient. Implants supported dentures are more retentive and more stable in the mouth. They are even less troublesome as the acrylic component of the dentures can be minimised and can be make more palatable.

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