The effect that environmental toxins can have on health is often a subject of major debate. While some believe the connection may be somewhat overstated, it’s still important to be aware and educated on the possibility of health risks with environmental toxins. There are a number of easy ways to cut down on toxins, primarily in the home.

Paint is one of the most common project materials in many homes. Unfortunately common paint may be full of volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s. These toxins could end up causing harm such as asthma or other respiratory problems. A simple trip to the hardware store can fix this though. Most popular hardware companies carry Low-VOC paints, which will have an instant impact on improving indoor air quality around the house.Flagstone

There is also another great way to cut down on VOC exposure within the home. Using a plant is a great first step to improving the air quality within your home naturally. Plants such as the English Ivy have been known to not only spruce up the decoration of the home, but also in consuming toxins that may be floating around. These toxin killing plants take in oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as Volatile Organic Compounds.

Having your insulation checked could help remove many toxins from the home, especially older models. Many older homes’ insulation could be laden with asbestos. While this material was once one of the more popular construction fibers, asbestos exposure is now tied to forms of cancer. If there are asbestos within the insulation of the home, choosing organic insulation is one of the best options available. Spray foam and cotton insulation are two of the organic options that allow for cost effectiveness and sustainability. It is important to note that if asbestos are found, that they must be handled by a professional, which is required by law.

Sure, these are just a few of the ways you can cut down on toxins in the home, but they are relatively easy and helpful. Adding plants, switching paint, and having the insulation checked in older homes are great ways to not only improve indoor air quality, but do so through cutting down toxins.

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