They bend with agonizing contortions and still remains on the yoga teacher was provided unrivaled position? Must not be, because: Vini Yoga deals with the personal requirements and needs and makes it easier for beginners to achieve the self-defined goals. Sun Yoga is fun!

Differences in eighth

Viniyoga is a Yogi by Shri Krishnamacharya (1888-1989) and his son Desikachar, Sanskrit coined term that combines the literal translation of “application” with the meaning of “adaptation”: “Niyoga”, supply or use, and “vi” , especially. Thus, the expression of Vini Yoga is a concept that focuses on the individual and the asanas, the various yoga postures and exercises, adapted to the particular physical conditions.

Not higher, faster, further

The idea behind this form of yoga is a possible variant of open path to better health and joy of being on the move. The vote of the body and breath plays a major role in combination with breathing exercises, the exercises are designed so that they are always pleasant and comfortable for the practitioner or the are. Spectacular attitudes are left aside here. The individual possibilities and limitations of a person are taken into account – so everyone can practice healthy and effective. Depending on the mobility, health, and energy can be increased or decreased the level of difficulty. This approach makes it possible to make even a group lesson individually.

The back cover strengthen

In Vini Yoga is paid special attention to the back and spine. Through its extension and expansion, the energy can flow freely again. However, the relaxation, meditation and the practice of concentration are in Vini Yoga is not too short. The motto is: less is not more power. Thus, the inner awareness and paving the way for inner balance.

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