If you really want to succeed in life then you should dare to do what you want to do. There are two classes of men (women)—those who talk, and those who do. It’s no surprise that the talkers fail; and that the doers succeed. For many years, I thought this was a wise old saying well worth repeating, until I realized that the men who repeat it most often are the talkers who spend much of their time telling others not to talk.

It is not talking or doing, but an “impelling consciousness,” which determines success. By that term I mean consciousness so moved by desire to do what it most wants to do, that it dares to do it, and is spiritually honest about it.

Such a state of consciousness is mothered by courage and sired by daring. Courage is its mother for it stabilizes and holds itself ready to defend its own. Daring is its father—for it is the spiritual masculinity which dares to do what it wants to do. Thus, we return to the first personal determinant of success, individual freedom. The courage to proclaim and defend what one believes and the daring to do what one most wants to do are the bases of greatness.

The old saying that the doers succeed, and that the talkers fail, is not wholly true.
Whether they are talkers or doers, those who fear to defend their convictions and fear to do what they most wish to do, are always failures.

Those who have the courage to proclaim and defend their ideals, and the daring to do that which they most want to do, are the great successes.

The man, who has the courage to believe that he can accomplish miracles when others say it is impossible, the man who has the daring to do that which is necessary to turn his dreams into realities—such a man always succeeds, and succeeds greatly!

Many men have come to me. Some have been despairing failures; others have been great successes in business, in governmental affairs, and in the management of great organizations.

In the case of every failure, I have found that FEAR is the cause of the failure!
In every case of success, I have found that sublime courage—the daring to do what one most wants to do is the cause of success!

If each soul dared to do what it most wants to do, dare to do the work it most desires to do, there would be no poverty and no failure. If you are failing in anything, dare to be yourself—dare to prepare for the work you most want to do!

Dare to succeed!

And you will succeed!

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