Schools, offices and homes or any public place these days, are filled with the strains of flu and cold. What is the one thing that could keep us healthy and give us less stress? Flu shots and other methods are not enough to reduce the infection or to reduce stress. If you don’t have stress, you can have good stress management skills and lessen the effects it could have on your immune system. For overall functioning of good health and for maintaining the stress levels you should monitor your health carefully such that you are not susceptible to unwanted infection.
Wellness and stress are Stressco related. Stress can rise due to a weakened system and chronic stress raises the cortisol levels thus weakening the overall immune system. So you would be more susceptible to cold and flu and other health problems like diabetes, heart disease and many other ailments.

Sometimes wellness gets affected as you make the wrong choices. Health suffers as you don’t have the right healthy choices like not getting sleep and not getting enough exercise and not having the right and the healthiest food. This makes you ill and could increase your stress levels.

Steps towards increasing Wellness and decreasing Stress
So how exactly could you increase your wellness factor and decrease your stress- Stress should be minimized and all precautions should be taken to increase your wellness factor.
Stress Management Techniques can be practiced for reducing stress. So activities like yoga, laughter etc have been great factors to increase the immunity. So these stress reduction activities keep the body from going into a mode of chronic stress thus maintaining good health and a healthy wellness quotient.

Stress and Diet
Diet is very important to maintain a healthy wellness factor. So eat well, get proper sleep and also exercise regularly to keep the body running well. Taking care of the body will ensure that you are under proper healthy conditions and the way you are able to resist infections depends entirely on how you are able to maintain stress out of your life.

Support Structure
Support is of great value during stress and infections. Support surely gives you greater immunity to meet challenges of health and reduces the mental stress level to a great extent. So if you have many healthy relationships in your life, then you will have the best support structure and this network will ensure that you are happy and content always. It helps to enjoy more and also is the ideal way to strike a balance between stress and wellness quotient.

Organization is very important and this reduces a lot of stress. So keep your surroundings and your house well maintained and organized and lessen the clutter in the house. Learn to say no to request, and avoid taking too much in your life than you can handle. This reduces stress and ensures you are able to balance stress and wellness.

Wellness tips
Remember to have the basic wellness tips like washing hands before meals so that germs do not attack your immune system. You don’t have to worry about your health if you maintain basic wellness rules.

Have a lot of VStress management techniquesitamin C and ensure you have enough water to replenish your system. Vitamin c helps to fight the immune system thus flushing the toxins out of the system. Proper immunity is built up and the wellness and stress is linked easily.

Avoidance of infection
It is a good idea to avoid people who are having infections. Spray disinfectant spray on the door handles, phones and light switches so that the areas of the houses do not have germs.

Prevention of infection
Prevention is better that cure. So it is good to prevent infections rather than get them and then search for a cure. Follow these wellness suggestions and put your life on the path to a stress free life.

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