Cilantro, a herb with the scientific name of Coriandrum sativum although known primarily as a culinary herb is also known widely for its medicinal benefits. People living in continents other than the Americas refer to this herb as coriander. The cilantro plant is grown densely in different regions of Southeast Asia, Europe and North Africa. It is mostly used for cooking Texan, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

The healing properties of cilantro are regarded highly all over the world; however, the purpose of its use as a medicinal herb tends to vary from one part of the world to the other. In America, people mostly use this herb in form of a tincture. This is because the healing qualities of any herb are preserved most effectively in its tincture.

CilantroCilantro is most frequently used for removing toxic metals like mercury from our system. Many of us consume fishes like tuna on a regular basis, which results in increase in concentration of toxic metals in your body. Having a tincture prepared from cilantro seeds regularly will help in eliminating metals like aluminum, lead and mercury from our system. The process of pulling out these toxic metals from human body is termed as ‘chelation’.

Having cilantro tinctures regularly also improves our digestive health significantly. The herb is known for its effects of preventing gas formation. For patients, who are already suffering from gas formation, having cilantro tincture will help in eliminating the gas from their body. This makes cilantro an effective remedy for flatulence.

Cilantro also possesses diuretic properties. Having the herbal tincture prepared using cilantro seeds helps in normalizing the frequency of urination. For enjoying the best diuretic effects of cilantro have it in combination with cumin tincture (you can also have a homemade infusion made using cumin seeds).

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