The yogurt prepared from soy milk is called soy yogurt. Like the regular yogurt, the soy yogurt is also a source of the healthy lactobacteria; as a result, like regular yogurt, the soy yogurt also promotes production of certain healthy bacteria within our colon. Below we have discussed some other health benefits of soy yogurt:

Improve cardiac health: Soy yogurt and most other soy products are extremely heart healthy in nature. A research conducted in the year 1993 revealed that consuming 20-25 gm of soy fiber and protein every day helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels by 12%. Based on the finding of this study, a health claim was released by American heart Association stating that consuming a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat and containing 25g soy protein every day can reduce the chances of developing heart diseases.

Help patients with type-2 diabetes: Soy yogurtIn the year 2006, a study was conducted on some plant compounds like soy that leave impact on the enzymes, which are targeted by the diabetes drugs. The study revealed that soy yogurt may be useful in regulating the enzymes responsible for increasing blood sugar levels in patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. The soy yogurt type that was found to be most effective for patients having type-2 diabetes is soy blueberry yogurts.

Improve gastrointestinal health: As mentioned earlier, soy yogurt is a source of lactobacteria, a type of bacterium useful in maintaining the health of our digestive system and colon. Lactobacteria is also known for reducing one’s risk of developing colon cancer.

Offer health benefits to menopausal women: It has been found that in Japan, a country where use of soy yogurt and other soy based food products is common, the women are 33% less likely to experience menopausal symptoms compared to women living in countries like Canada and USA, where soy products are sparsely used.

Improve bone health: Soy yogurt contain high amount of calcium, which protects our bones from damage and prevent ailments like osteoporosis. Some studies have also proved that having soy foods on a regular basis reduces chances of getting bone fractures.

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