1. Each morning when awaken, after drinking freshly juiced lemon water, I meditate. Having studied many traditions, I’ve developed a personal mediation that is flexible and resonates with where I am in the moment. My mediation is fluid, alive and filled to the brim with soft love. I allow myself to be led into a state of still grace and remain there for as long as I am able given the day’s events. Always in the early afternoon personal affirmations close to my center of Being are recited to enhance the day and my connection to Being.
  2. I also practice what I call moment-to-moment intentional thinking. The more continually I focus upon choices that are most loving, beneficial and truthful for my soul, the more I am in alignment with God/dess or the divine. The more I align with divine frequencies, the more miracles cascade upon my life, the more paradise on earth is created before my grateful eyes. The subtle power of moment-to-moment intentional thinking is amazing – it is, I have found, the instant manifestation of loving grace in our lives.
  3. Most importantly I love. I choose to love – myself, my life, all aspects of being in our world today, and every one I encounter in my life, regardless of superficial differences or dis-agreements. I choose to love. Love is the masterpiece piece in healing, in health and well-Being. Always love, and love more!


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