What helps with heartburn for some people may not help for everyone. It is for this reason that there are so many different heartburn herbal remedies, over the counter and prescription medications. Almost everyone gets heartburn sometimes. They may simply wait on it to go away, try to figure out what food product caused it or they may take an antacid. Some people are allergic to antacids. Some people feel they have a chalky taste. And some people just don’t like to take anything that they consider unnatural. Heartburn herbal remedies typically contain fennel, ginger or mint oil, alone or in combination. Any of these may be what helps with heartburn for some people.

Just as what helps with heartburn varies from individual to individual, what hurts varies as well. It is commonly accepted that foods with a higher acid content are more likely to cause heartburn, but tomato sauce, which is highly acidic, does not cause heartburn in everyone. Certain foods may trigger heartburn and to clearly define which foods cause heartburn in a specific individual, it may be necessary to keep a food diary for several weeks, noting what foods are followed by heartburn. Changing ones diet may be what helps with heartburn the most. Some heartburn herbal remedies and over the counter acid reducers are designed to be taken before a meal to prevent the symptoms that follow eating highly acidic foods.

The typical American diet includes many foods that may cause heartburn. Fried foods, spicy foods and fats of all kinds can lead to heartburn. The tendency to eat two or three large meals as opposed to several smaller meals throughout the day probably causes a lot of cases of heartburn. Symptoms often follow large meals and lead to the need for antacids or heartburn herbal remedies. Eating a small meal every couple of hours may not only be what helps with heartburn, but what helps one lose extra pounds. Overweight people experience heartburn more often than those who are at their ideal weight. Many lifestyle changes that help with heartburn also help people lose weight. Losing weight is sometimes what helps with heartburn the most.

Other things that may lead to heartburn include stress, smoking, drinking alcoholic or carbonated beverages and even certain types of exercise. Moderate regular exercise is what helps with heartburn that is experienced frequently, for some people, but squatting, bending and running can bring on or worsen heartburn. Any exercise, other than a leisurely stroll, that follows a meal will generally bring on heartburn. For those who enjoy exercise that tends to bring on heartburn, there are heartburn herbal remedies designed to prevent heartburn with continued use. Chronic heartburn can lead to more serious problems. The lining of the esophagus is not resistant to stomach acid and can be eroded by it. Prescription medications are designed to help prevent chronic heartburn and/or heal the esophagus.

Efforts to reduce stress, eating in a relaxed environment, chewing slowly and well may be what helps with heartburn. Eating on the run often leads to searches for antacids or heartburn herbal remedies. It is next to impossible to avoid everything that may cause heartburn all the time, but it is possible to quit smoking, eat smaller meals, get regular exercise and avoid alcohol and carbonated beverages. Anyone who experience heartburn two or three times per week should have their symptoms evaluated by a physician. Heartburn herbal remedies, over the counter medications and even lifestyle and dietary changes may not be what helps with heartburn for everyone.

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