What does it mean to “Alkalize” your body? Well, it’s the opposite of having your system be Acidic. Remember those litmus papers from high school lab? You can actually use those to test our urine or saliva to see what your pH level is. We ideally want to score at least in the 6-7 range because this means we are not too acidic (which can lead to health problems).

What causes an acidic pH level?

These foods, for starters:

  • coffee
  • meat
  • dairy
  • beer
  • aspartame
  • chocolate
  • vinegar
  • soda

What creates an alkaline level?:

  • leafy greens
  • lemons (tricky because before entering your body they are acidic)
  • olive oil
  • most fruits and vegetables
  • herbal teas
  • fish

Why is it bad to have an acidic pH level? (Or: Why is it good to be Base?)

It is now known that a more alkaline pH level is most desirable in order to loose weight and keep it off, and to ward off disease. Obesity is actually linked to an acidic pH level. This is because acid is a waste product of our body after it uses energy. If we are fueling our body with acidic foods and liquids, we can not get rid of it properly and the acid builds up as fat.

Some other undesirable effects of acid buildup are:

  • weak immune system
  • chronic fatique
  • speeds up aging process
  • higher likeliness of cancerous mutations
  • digestion/elimination problems
  • diabeties

Some benefits of alkalizing your body are:

  • thin body that keeps the weight off
  • disease free body
  • youthful appearance slows down the aging process
  • promotes healthy cell growth (non mutated)
  • feel energized
  • digest and eliminate properly

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