In the world of food, beauty, or health, it seems like oils are never ending. So, what about Argan Oil? You know, you may only be hearing about it now (or at least looking into it) but Argan Oil has been around a long time, much longer than you may even think.

You see, Argan oil dates way back to the ancient times and was used much like it is today. Again, refer to the three main uses mentioned above- food, beauty, health.

So, Where Exactly Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan OilOf course, Argan Oil comes from the Argan Tree aka Argania Spinosa, which can be found in Morocco. These trees used to sprout out all around North Africa as well, however, that is not the case now. Coming from endangered tress, this oil is rather rare to come by (may be one of the reasons you haven’t heard about it before). Not to mention that production of it is pretty complex too.

Argan tree and argan fruit

The Argan Tree, scientifically called Argania Spinosa

To give you an idea, first the fruits must be harvested then both the peeling as well as the pulp should then be removed. By hand, the hard shell is cracked open. Then you will find three kernels, which will also be taken out. Then the kernels are either pressed, ground, or even roasted. Some may use machines for this step while others still do it the good (tedious) old way with just two hands. After letting it sit for a good three weeks or so, VOILA, Argan Oil.

Argan Oil may be hard to get, but this is one case of truly enjoying the fruits of your labor, or more precisely, enjoying the oil of their fruits after you have labored to get it, that is. You see, kind of like liquid gold, from culinary to cosmetic right down to medicinal, Argan Oil is just Amazing.

What Makes Argan Oil So Great?

  • Argan oil has Vitamin E, which in general, is good for your skin, your hair, as well as your heart.
  • Argan oil has Phenols, which has antioxidant properties, and we all know what that means- ANTIOXIDANTS = ANTI AGING. Not to mention that phenols have been also known to help prevent the big C too, cancer.
  • Argan Oil has Squalene, which pretty much boosts you immune system and has been known to help treat diabetes too.
  • Argan Oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, which are the good kind of fats. You see, this gives your body energy to help break down the bad kind. Plus, it is also known to have anti inflammatory properties too.

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