Cellulite is a type of fat that accumulates on your body. While cellulite is no different than other forms of fat, it is commonly considered to be smaller fat deposits that are typically located on the stomach, pelvis, legs and the behind which many women find unattractive. Cellulite is subcutaneous fat that appears under the skin and looks similar to dimples or even pimples. It is often considered to be very unattractive and an area of embarrassment for women particularly when wearing a swimsuit. While it is often easy for women to lose the larger amounts of fat that they have accumulated on their bodies through diet and exercise, removing these thin layers of fat is significantly more challenging. What is odd about cellulite is that is is primarily seen on women and is therefore considered to be caused, at least partially by hormones present in women and not men. This article will describe a bit about cellulite and how it can best be removed from a woman’s body.

While you may now understand what cellulite is, the question that one may ask is why does it arise and how did it show up on my body. For me the answer was relatively simple. All I had to do is look at my mother and other family members. Most of my family members are not overly large but have a significant amount of cellulite on their body. Researchers believe that there is certainly a strong genetic factor associated with cellulite. There are other factors involved as well though including your individual metabolism, diet, race, level of stress in your life, and hormonal factors. With this mish-mosh of factors it is difficult to nail down exactly what it is that is leading to the cellulite that you have accumulated and it is therefore difficult to understand exactly the best way to get rid of the cellulite on your body.

The best options for removing cellulite are generally centered around diet and exercise. While dieting is often thought to be based around cutting out fat and reducing the amount of calories in your meals, the best way to diet is to eat a variety of different foods that provide the nutrition that you body needs to operate in an efficient manner. Typically this involves a variety of different fruits and vegetables as balanced by proteins and fats. A balance is important and avoiding sudden swings in the amount and types of foods that you are eating will lead to a healthier lifestyle that reduces the amount of cellulite that you build on your body.

Regular exercise is also a key component of getting rid of cellulite. Where your body stores fat is not based on where you exercise but is rather caused by your internal body chemistry and it is therefore important to exercise to remove exercise calories rather than to target just those areas that have cellulite on them. Try to maintain an overall active lifestyle as a way of removing cellulite as opposed to targeted exercises to specific muscle groups.

That is how I lost the cellulite on my body and you can do the same through regular exercise and proper diet.

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