Paint-on teeth whitening is another method to help whiten and brighten your teeth. Usually teeth whiteners require some way to deliver the whitening agent to the tooth enamel for long periods of time like a tray or plastic strips. With paint-on teeth whitening the chemical compound is actually bonded to the teeth, where it is painted on, and remains there with an adhesive film after it dries. This keeps the bleaching agent close the tooth surface where it can work its magic.

There are several different types of paint on teeth whiteners. There are some that use carbamide peroxide and others that use hydrogen peroxide. Some are used during the day for a 30 minute treatment, and others are used overnight. You do have to avoid any kind of action like eating or touching the teeth to keep the whitener on for the full treatment. You must brush your teeth to remove the product after the treatment is done.

Paint-on teeth whitening can be safely done in the privacy of your own home. It does not require a dentist appointment. This makes it a very economical way to whiten your teeth. It can be fit into your schedule, since you can choose when to do it and for how long.

Be sure to read the directions for any over-the-counter tooth-whitening product you buy. Prolonged use can cause damage to the enamel, and the directions will give you the appropriate guidelines to do it safely. These types of products are great for touch-ups when you’ve already received a professional whitening treatment at the dentist’s. They generally aren’t as effective as trays or laser whitening but are quite effective at maintaining a bright smile and thus prolonging that fresh-from-dentist look and feel with just a little additional cost and maintenance.

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