My mother is 65 yrs old. She has just started using dentures, I feel that she is not comfortable with her dentures because she is not using it all the time but wears it only while going out or at her work place. When I asked her she said that dentures are little bit loose and that she is not comfortable. I took her to the dentist for check-up, he noticed white spots on her tongue and that there was slight bleeding from those white spots. The doctor referred her to ENT specialist. He has advised her series of tests. Please tell me, if these white spots are due to loose dentures or some other thing to worry about, I mean something like cancer, I am much worried. I will let you know the reports of the tests later on. But I am tense. Please guide me properly.

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Nothing can be said before the reports. Sometime due to improper fit and chronic irritation caused by the dentures may lead to some serious consequences. Once the reports are in your hand, do let us know the facts. We will surely guide you. Good luck.

*Dr. Chirag Semlani Dr. Chirag Semlani is a Dental Surgeon, running his dental clinic in Khernagar, Bandra East, Mumbai, India.

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