One berry that has recently been discovered to be very healthy is none other than the Acai Berry. Not as popular as others, such as Strawberries, and often mistaken to be blue berries (they do, after all, belong to the same dark berry family), after reading all of the benefits this berry has to offer, you are certainly going to want to make them part of your diet. Berries in general are really very good, but Acai is simply amazing.

Great For Weight Loss

Benefits of Acai berriesNot only will the acai berry help shed off those unwanted pounds, but a daily intake will actually help keep them off. You see, studies show that the pulp from Acai berries can actually reduce all of the bad effects that you can get from having a bad high fat diet.

In relation to weight loss, Acai berries are great for digestion too being a good source of dietary fiber.

Great For Your Skin

In case you haven’t noticed, more and more skin products have been featuring Acai Berry cream this or Acai Berry scrub that, and all for good reason. Acai berries are great for the skin. Can you say Antioxidants? Yep. The Acai berry is jam packed with all that good stuff. Plus, eating it alone has been proven to give you that healthy, vibrant glow.

Great For Staying Young

To follow up on the whole antioxidant bit, Acai berries are great for staying young.


If you thought that blue berries were one of the best, well, you should know that Acai berries actually have twice, yes, TWO TIMES MORE antioxidants than the common blue berry.

Acai berriesGreat For Your Heart

Again with the antioxidants, Acai berries are specifically rich in anthocyanins (which is a plant antioxidant). This particular kind of antioxidant has been shown to lower the cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, prevent blood clots, and relax the blood vessels altogether.

Great For Your Stamina

Acai berries, especially Acai extract, has been known to up your overall stamina and give your energy a good boost. Naturally, that would mean that Acai berries can help fight off fatigue and general tiredness.

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