Chronic Sinus Sufferers: You Can Stop the Cycle. Do you have constant problems with sinus infections, often also labeled “Chronic Sinusitis”?
Are you on a roller coaster of antibiotics – then feeling better – then back for more antibiotics?Does your runny nose from colds, flu or seasonal allergies bring on full-blown sinus infections?
Join over 32 million other Americans with these chronic sinus problems. But it doesn’t have to be so!

If we endeavor to discover and solve the main causes of sinus infections, we could stop the repetitive cycle of just soothing the symptoms and wondering when they’ll be back.Картинки по запросу Chronic Sinusitis

Why Do We Get Repetitive Sinus Infections? According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health, sinus infections can start from viruses like colds and flu, but many people take antibiotics which are mostly effective for bacterial infections.

When we take antibiotics for colds, flu or sinus infections, we may therefore be going after the wrong culprit. Besides attempting to kill infectious bacteria, antibiotics kill our immune system’s “friendly” bacteria. Without this necessary balance of bacteria, we may soon develop thicker mucus that invites yeast fungus and molds to grow. Antibiotics do not stop, and may even encourage, yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth. Plus, you may become resistant to antibiotics when really needed for serious bacterial infection.

So, sinus infections may seem to subside, when it is actually just the symptoms that are gone. Sinus infections often return because the cause wasn’t really alleviated. In fact, it may result in thick post-nasal (back of throat) drip which gets down into the bronchial airways and may mimic or cause bronchitis and asthma attacks.

How can we solve Sinus Infections?
Next, check your diet. All dairy (cow’s milk) products except eggs can cause thicker mucus. You may not be lactose intolerant in your tummy, but lactose may disagree with your sinuses! Switch to milks, cheeses and ice creams made from a brown rice base (delicious and easily found at health food stores). Other causes of thickened mucus are sugary baked goods, heavy starches like pasta, and high amounts of yeast-risen biscuits and bread

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