Endurance exercise or high-intensity exercise causes the body to be able to experience what is called by dehydration. Dehydration according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health ‘s Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia can be defined as a condition in which the body loses fluids in large numbers.

Biological Aspects of Dehydration

According to Bob Murray, Ph.D. (founder of Sports Science Insights), during physical activity, the body will lose sweat at 0-2 liters each hour depending on the type of sport you play, the longer doing sports, ambient temperature, and the rate of genetic sweat production. High rate of sweat production is closely associated with the rise of temperature in the body, resulting in the production of sweat is one way to normalize body temperature. If this situation continues without liquid supply by an amount equal to the amount of fluid lost, it can cause death.

Several studies conducted by a team from the American College of Sports Medicine stated that the dehydration of 1-2 % by weight of the body causes a decreased capacity and ability of a person in the training program even athletes in a competition. It was also very closely related to the injury suffered, for example, muscle cramps caused by the loss of salts and minerals contained in sweat anyway. The role of salts and minerals are very important as a counterweight compounds in the blood.

What is Post Workout Recovery Drink?

Post workout recovery drink or usually called as Sport drink is a beverage composition which is designed as a replacement of energy and body fluids, especially during physical activity or exercise. While doing physical activity and exercise, the body will spend energy reserves of glycogen and body fluids that contain electrolytes, so both require fluid replacement and energy that comes from a sports drink or sports drink.

The function of sport drink is not only preventing dehydration for those who are active in sports. Additional nutrients and other important substances also help to maintain the metabolic process of the body’s cells.

A study published in Science and Medicine in Sport and Excercise shows that sports drink containing carbohydrate and protein can improve the physical condition of athletes and significantly reduce the risk of muscle injury.

The study, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Excercise show that consuming soft drinks in extra carbohydrates and proteins have the endurance to exercise 36.5 percent longer, compared to those who consumed a sports drink which only added carbohydrate.

Compared Post Workout Recovery Drink with Mineral Water

The following are some of the advantages of post workout recovery drink is presented by Bob Murray, Ph.D. :

Not just any drink can be referred to as a sport drink. Sport drink is a beverage that really is specially formulated to re-hydrate the body in a short time so that the performance of a person in the exercise back to normal.

Organoleptic properties of flavor that is owned sport drink is very important in order to consume more fluids to replace the fluids lost during exercise.

Sports drinks contain a certain amount of carbohydrates as an energy supplier. Carbohydrates are formulated around 4-7 % for the absorption of water into each cell of the body.

It also has a number of salts and minerals to supply a variety of minerals such as sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are lost during exercise.

Loss of body fluids during exercise to watch out, because the 2 % loss of body fluid is already beginning to cause disruption of the body ‘s performance, while 10 % lost circulation system freezes and causes overheating. Therefore, always prepare a post workout recovery drink to maintain body fluid levels, and prevent adverse impacts as a result of dehydration.

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