So many people who lose tons of body fat after months and years of effort end up regaining it all. This is the yo-yo of fat loss and gain that keeps many people chained to an endless cycle of dieting, exercise, pills and gadgets. Why does this happen?

Mental defeat
Unfortunately the battle against fat is firstly lost in the mind, which leads the body to quickly follow. What we say to ourselves has a great impact on what we do with our bodies. The first step to a great body starts with a powerful idea and belief in your head. To beat the naysaying voice in your head, find ways to boost your commitment to your goal and reinforce this daily. This is the only way you will beat self-destructive habits.

Endurance and the blame game

%d0%b4%d0%b8%d0%b5%d1%82%d0%b0We are too quick to give up, too quick to forego taking responsibility for our actions and blaming someone else. Starting a new fad diet or exercise is very easy – the challenge lies in completing your program and meeting your goals. We lack the patient to wait to see results in a realistic time-frame. When things don’t work out we move on to the next thing instead of being persistent and enduring the challenge.

Simplicity works

When things don’t work immediately we start adding complexity instead of trying a simple, tried and trusted solution. Try something that has worked for you in the past and keep at it.

We take the foot off the gas
If something is showing good results, don’t ease up. Don’t start compromising – remain fastidious and earnest in reaching your goals.

The body knows best

There’s no such thing as a quick fix. Your weight gain didn’t happen overnight, nor will your weight loss. You can’t fool your body into losing lots of fat by trying some amazing new method. Slow, consistent effort needs to be applied.

Make it a life long goal

Once you reach your goal of losing a particular amount of fat, don’t leave it there or you will slip back into old habits and disappoint yourself. Maintain and manage your new good habits and make them a part of your life forever.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself

When your buddies order the double burgers and you get the salad, don’t dwell on how much your life sucks. Rather focus on the goodness in the salad, the nutrition you are providing your body and the long term positive effects you will enjoy. Stay focused on your own food.

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