My left side wisdom tooth has been disturbing me for the past many years. It is again troubling me. Now I am thinking that I will get it removed. My doctor advised me for its removal few years back but I was reluctant for that. Now that I will get it removed after so many years of problem can there be any complication. Will the procedure be painful?  If it is painful then how can my doctor make it painless? What care is required after its removal? Please tell me. Why is it necessary to remove wisdom tooth?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Wisdom teeth generally don’t erupt properly in the oral cavity. As these teeth are last to erupt there is less or no space for their eruption. The normal age of wisdom tooth eruption is from 17 to 25 years. Being last tooth it’s difficult to maintain and sometimes it is painful to maintain. The position of the tooth makes the  treatment difficult by the dentist. Hence the solution for pain in wisdom tooth is to get rid off the tooth. Removal of wisdom teeth many a times require surgical approach. The procedure should not be painful but post removal there might be little pain and discomfort. Taking proper medicines (antibiotics and painkillers) and following  proper post extraction protocols given by dentists generally don’t create much problems.

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