Why Follow A Daily Workout Routine For Women? It’s not always easy to get yourself to the gym. Whether it’s for logistical reasons, motivational reasons or confidence issues, the gym may not be the best place for you to do your workout. Luckily, there are now hundreds of routines you can do at home to help you achieve the same results as if you paid for your monthly gym membership. And the best part is it’s absolutely free.

Workout Routines For Women At Home


For many people, the hardest part of keeping up with a fitness regime is actually leaving the house. If it’s taking a lot of effort to motivate yourself to start working out already, then you don’t want that extra barrier of going to the gym. Exercising in the comfort of your own home is usually preferable. It’s more convenient, and it’s much easier to spend 15 minutes every day working through a routine at home rather than spending 15 minutes exercising, plus travel time, plus time spent getting yourself ready for the gym.


Not everyone has a gym near their house. Time spent travelling to and from the gym could end up being longer than the time spent doing the exercises, and if you already have a busy schedule (work, school, kids etc.), you’re not leaving yourself much time for other things.

It’s no secret that gym memberships don’t usually come cheaply. This could be another problem if you’re running on a tighter budget. Doing your routine at home can potentially save you thousands every year.


A lot of women don’t like the gym simply because they’re self conscious. When working out at home, you won’t need to worry about how you look or how you’re performing because you’re doing it privately behind closed doors. Confidence is a big issue, and can easily destroy your motivation for exercising. Even if you have every intention of joining the health center later on, it still might be nice to start from home, familiarise yourself with the routines, build up your confidence, and then fork out for the membership.

Which Women’s Workout Routine Is Right For Me?

The queen of women’s exercises is undoubtedly yoga. Not only does it help tone up your muscles all over your body, but it’ll also help you burn off as much as 450 calories a session. By working on your balance, range of motion and ability to lift yourself, you’re able to hit nearly any kind of goal you’re aiming for. We’ll quickly run you through a 15 minute routine you can do every day to help reap the benefits of yoga.

The Workout

10 Repetitions Of Backbend

Starting in a comfortable standing position, slowly stretch your hand behind your back and start arching your upper back. Make sure you inhale as you bend, and exhale when you get out of the bend.

10 Repetitions Of Forward Bend

Still in the same standing position as the backbend, keep your knees relatively straight, inhale then start bending forwards with your arms outstretched behind you. As you bend forwards, slowly exhale. Both these bends work on your flexibility, and help you to ease into the more intensive exercises.

10 Repetitions Of “The Chair”

Starting from a standing position, slowly bend your knees whilst keeping your lower back straight. Lift your arms up so they’re in line with your body as you squat lower. Aim for your upper legs to be parallel with the floor. Once you’re at the lowest point, inhale and start reversing it so you’re back at the starting point.

10 Repetitions Of The Cobra To Downward Facing Dog

These two positions compliment each other, and executing both will count as one repetition. Start off lying on your front on the floor with your toes pointed away from the body. Slowly lift the top half of your body up whilst still keeping your legs on the floor so that your back is arched. Once your arms are straight, exhale and return your torso back down towards the floor.

As your chest reaches the floor, unpoint your feet and work your way up to form an upside down V. Keeping your legs straight and your back straight, lift your hips up to the sky with your arms parallel with your torso.

Return back down to the starting position for the cobra and you will have done one repetition.

Picking the right routine to follow, among many available workout routines for women at home, can be a daunting task. Pick the wrong one and you’ll find yourself working on the wrong areas of your body, or achieving the wrong goals. Picking the right one depends largely on what you want to get out of the workout. Whilst two routines might seem similar on paper, one could be designed for weight loss, and the other one could be designed to focus on enhancing bulking and muscle building.

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