Vitamin D, that indeed we should not use sunscreen! But we should NOT get burned either! Take measure to burn less, by eating antioxidant rich food. I used to burn a lot easier when I was 18. That was because I was eating fast food regularly. It’s crazy but bad nutrition, due to your lack of antioxidants in your skin will make you burn faster.

Live juices, salads, berries, super foods will help your body protect yourself naturally from burning.

Instead of sunscreen, take internal supplements
There are several supplements, here are a few great ones I found:
Vitamin D spay is also a clever way to get the supplement. I really believe in supplements in liquid form over capsule / pill form. And if you read my blog you will notice I always talk about how much more economical they are, how much faster they are absorbed into our system etc.

“Vitamin X” AKA “Astaxanthin” acts as internal sunscreens. It is derived from microalgae and not only will protect you from burning in the sun but also great for treating pain weather it be arthritic, repetitive strain, or athletic related. Read more about the supplements backed by Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger”, here.

“Radiance” is the name of a supplement primarily based on GliSODin®- a Patented “antioxidant catalyst” from France. Change the way your skin responds to sunlight and halt the harmful process that leads to burns, wrinkles and aging – at the cellular level. Learn more and purchase here.
Sunscreen is a last resort, when you are going to be in the sun too long to not burn and when you use this make it a natural one, like the one below, without chemicals actually linked to cancer.

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