Good circulation is key to keeping our body’s transportation systems clean. When circulation is effective, blood is fully oxygenated and able to help the lymphatic system to remove harmful cells, toxins, and other unwanted materials in our tissues.

But when a hard wire digs into our very sensitive breast tissue, our blood does not circulate properly. Many lymph nodes live in the armpit area. The pressure of the wire is stopping the lymphatic flow, and fluid can back up, causing pain, sensitivity, and even cysts.

Eventually, any free-radicals we are exposed to are being trapped in our breasts because of the constant pressure of the wire, which stops the lymphatic system from doing it’s job!

What can you do about it? Here are several options:

  • purchase bra’s with support without the wire.
    wear camisoles
  • never sleep in your bra.
  • wear tank tops with built in bras.
    whenever you are in your home relaxing or cleaning cooking etc, change out of your bra.
  • limit wire push up bras to evenings out and special events.
  • a deep tissue massage once a month can help eliminate lots of lymph.

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