4 Corners Birth Control Pharmacy

Birth control pills first appeared in the 1950s after it was discovered that progesterone blocked ovulation. The first birth control pills contained more than 20% more estrogen and more than 10% more progesterone than pills today. This significant reduction has decreased the adverse side effects of the drugs greatly.

Over ten million women in the United States currently use an oral contraceptive, to prevent pregnancy. The pill is also widely used to regulate menstrual periods, reduce menstrual cramps, and treat hormonal imbalances and ovarian cysts

4 Corners Pharmacy is able to provide a range of popular Birth Control Pills.

These include:

  • Femodene 28
  • Microlut
  • Microgynon 30 ED
  • Microgynon 50 ED
  • Levlen
  • Nordette
  • Triquilar
  • Mercilon
  • Marvelon
  • Ovral
  • Norinyl-1
  • Triphasil
  • Diane-35 also known as Dianette
  • Ginette-35 (Generic Diane-35)

Yasmin is a combined oral contraceptive (“the combined Pill”). Each tablet contains a small amount of two different female hormones. These are drospirenone (a progestogen) and ethinylestradiol (an estrogen).

TriCilest (sold in the U.S. as ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN)
norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol combination

4 Corners Pharmacy is also able to supply Postinor-2 / Plan-B which is used as an Emergency Contraceptive.

Cyproterone – an antiandrogen that reduces ovarian function.

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