7 Ways to Keep Skin Fresh Looking All Day Long

Keep Skin Fresh

Good looking skins forms the basis of a pretty looking and attractive body. Important to note is that, good look of your skin is earned. You have to work for it by making sure you are always clean and fresh to clear off any clogging particles on your body and to keep away the bacteria that can cause infection on your body.

However, staying clean does not necessary mean that your skin will be good looking or attractive and neither does it assure to moisturize your skin. On addition to being clean, it is advisable that you moisturize your skin, creating a freshened effect for your body all day long. As a matter of fact, there are many ways to keep your skin look fresh all day. Here are some of the best ways:

1. Choosing your cleaning Product

Lasting skin freshness requires the best moisturizer. Perhaps natural ones could make it work for you. The grape seed oil and the babassu are some of the common natural products that assures a good moisturization all day. However there are key aspects to consider while choosing the best moisturizers that moisturizes your skin deeply and revitalizing it. Here are some of the few;

a) You should explore your fragrances compounds. Often, there are those made of chemicals that cause depression, anxiety hormone disruptions and even interferes with the normal working of the central nervous system.

b) There are also mineral oils that give temporal moisturization while they also clog the skin pore. Thus, they leave suffocates the skin for fresh air making the skin unable to get rid of toxins from the bodies excretion of metabolic waste. If you have an oily skin, ensure that only use moisturizer for oily skin.

c) Some Parabens are used as preservatives to increase the life of skincare products. These Parabens have a history of being associated with being carcinogenic while they have been proven to cause poor health on our bodies.

The point is, you have to choose your moisturize wisely.

2. Staying a Healthy life

Staying a healthy life means that you live a life free of infections, illnesses or diseases that may arise as a result of your interaction with the environment. Staying healthy boosts up your immune system and therefore your body grows the capacity to fight with infections. People who live a healthy life always have a fresh skin, which is noticeable even by a look of the face.

3. Avoid the Sun

The sun sometimes hits our bodies with harmful radiation leaving our skin damaged. In fact, with the worst moisturizers that react under direct sunlight, you may find some harmful effects when subjected to direct sunlight. For instance, the feeling of irritation. Since it’s hard to determine the moisturizers that cause harm under direct sunlight unless you had previously used them. It is wise to keep off the sun. Actually even without the moisturizer, the sun has never been good to our skins.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercises forms part of a fit body. Not only being fit but also helps in opening up of the skin poles leaving the body fresh. Now with the best skin moisturizers, the skin perfects refreshes for long. It is recommended that you take a regular routine of early morning exercises and evening workouts.

5. Staying Clean

Cleanliness as previously mention is key to your body’s capacity to remain fresh. Actually, even if you apply moisturizers on your skin, without the skin being clean, it may not even work for you at all. So, keeping clean before moisturizing your body is the right way to go.

6. Eating proper diet

A proper diet is always balanced diet. Avoid too much processed and junk food that absolutely lowers your body’s balance causing your immunity to lower down. Improper feeding has no friendly result on the skin; even with a moisturizer the skin will still appear gloomy.

7. Safe Environs

Stay in safe environment free of harmful substances be it radiations or anything that could potentially cause both long and short-term harmful effects. In case you must live in such places, wear protective clothing because even with best skin moisturizer, under subject to harm the skin is all the same.


Skin is a reflection of who we really are and what we are made of. Thus, it becomes so important to make sure that your skin looks good; not only the skin, but your entire body. To lead a life of freshness too, you need to make the right choices on what to moisturize your skin.

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