Abortion Pills: Best Birth Control Pills, Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

Abortion Pills


Most of the time  the couples surrender to an  unprotected sex, and fails to any contraceptive or may ignore it. During the absence of menstruation next month, the lady come to realize to doubt of pregnancy.  She will get the pregnancy strip and confirms her pregnancy.  What to do ? how to remove unwanted pregnancy ?  any abortion pills ?  how does an abortion pill works ?  is abortion pill is safe ?  here is an answer for all these abortion related questions:-

Abortion pill

To terminate the unwanted pregnancy the medicine mifipristone  was introduced and also accepted as abortion pill in the year 2000 in united state. Mifipristone is known as RU486 in US.  The drug mifipristone was first introduced in France and over all controversy the drug has been approved as As abortion pill.

Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is known as abortion. Till  the 49th day of pregnancy can be terminated using medicine,  i.e.  Abortion pills.  The doctor will confirm the pregnancy, commonly using pregnancy confirmation strip.  Once the pregnancy is confirmed, under the act of medical termination of pregnancy, if the pregnancy is earlier or below nine weeks  the ABORTION pills are given by the doctor.  US FDA has approved RU – 486 as abortion pill.

Medical termination of pregnancy using Abortion pill has much benefits over surgical methods of pregnancy termination.

Who can take abortion pill ?

Women who are pregnant not more than 49 days or 9 weeks can take abortion pill mifipristone for pregnancy termination. Women with kidney, liver, heart disease or HIV can’t take the abortion pill, as abortion pill is contraindicated in these diseases.

Mifipristone or RU – 486 can be taken at the clinic or home.  Abortion pill or mifipristone  dilates cervix, and contracts the uterus as the embryo can be expelled out.  Mild discomfort is common with mifipristone.

Side effects of abortion pills

  • Nausea,
  • Headache,
  • Discomfort,
  • Heavy bleeding
  • tiredness, and
  • Deep cramps,  are the common side effects of abortion pill RU – 486.

Severe side effects of abortion pills  are

1. Severe bleeding more than 12  hour,
2. Unbearable contractions of uterus,
3. Big clots associated with bleeding,
4. Fever morethan101.5 degree F, more than 6 hours,
5. Allergy soon after the abortion pill is consumed.

Self medication is dangerous and a prescription by the registered physician and effective medical supervision is needed to avoid any complications of medical Abortion with Abortion pills.

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