Abrasions : skin damage , treatment , prevention


Abrasions are the damaged caused to the superficial layer of the skin. Abrasions commonly the sports injuries, occur due to fall on hard surface.  Because of fall the friction occurs between the skin and hard surface.  So the athletes are at high risk of falls and they will get abrasions.  Abrasion removes the superficial layer of the skin called epidermis, which provides elasticity to the skin.

An abrasions may cause very less bleeding or causes no bleeding.   Abrasion may be caused falls while bicycle riding even bike riding falls.

Treatment of Abrasions

Cleaning the wound with water and soap is the first step of treating abrasions.  Mild antibiotics can be applied on the abrasions.  The abrasion is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, and covered with antibiotic ointment.  A dry bandage is applied with comfortable tightness.

Abrasion treating machine is also used to treat abrasions.  If abrasions are severe meet the physician to get treatment.

Prevention of abrasions

Wearing protective pads to the proned areas such as knee, elbow, helps in preventing abrasions in the athletes. Care to be taken to avoid falls, and first aid kit is beneficial to treat abrasions

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