Amnesia: Causes, Symptoms, Recovery of Short Term Memory Loss

Amnesia / Short term memory loss

Amnesia is the psychological term used to describe Memory loss.  Amnesia is associated with temporary memory loss or permanent memory loss. Amnesia affected patients to forget what happened in their past life.  Amnesia may come suddenly or slowly, it depends on the etiological factors.

Anterograde amnesia :  The person is incapable of learning new things  and can’t remember the events happened after the attack of Amnesia.

Retrograde Amnesia : Person forgets the past events in their life and fails to recall memories.

Causes of Amnesia

Number of factors are responsible for Amnesia.  Brain damage is the main cause of Amnesia.  Damage caused to memory centers of brain leads to memory loss. Psychological  factors also causes Amnesia is termed as Psychogenic Amnesia.  Degeneration of brain cells in diseases such as Dementia, malnutrition, Drug abuse and other factors leads to brain cell death causes Amnesia.

  • Head injury,
  • Using some drugs,
  • Encephalitis or brain infection,
  • ECT or Electroconvulsive therapy
  • Hysteria or Emotional shock,
  • Cerebral Stroke,
  • General anaesthetics
  • High degree fever,
  • Seizures and convulsions,
  • Consuming alcohol,
  • Traumatic events,
  • Brain surgery
  • Alzheimer’s disease,

Symptoms of Amnesia

Memory loss is the main symptom of Amnesia. Memory loss depends on the severity of causes. Memory loss may be temporary or permanent.  The amnesia affected person may not able to recall what happened in their past or not able to learn the new things from the environment.  The victim may forget ones personal identity such as name, age, residing place etc..

Fails to identify familiar persons or places.  Even the person can’t remember where he is Staying, when does he got an injury,

Confusion in doing daily living activities as the memory power has been reduced because of Amnesia.  After partial recovery the confusion is common.  In this stage the memory is not completely lost but the short term memory is weak and it leads to confusion.

After recovering from Amnesia, affected person can’t remember the events from past Amnesia episode.

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