Aphasia: Definition, Causes and Treatment



“Aphasia is defined as inability to communicate verbally either partially or completely”.

The person with aphasia has difficulty in not only  speaking but also in writing, reading, and recognizing the objects. And also unable to understand what others’ say. Aphasia is mainly caused because of an abnormality in the brain, which affects the speech center in the brain. The conditions such as less oxygen supply to brain,  Traumatic injury to brain, stroke, cause Aphasia.

Causes of Aphasia

1. Stroke is the main cause of aphasia, as the speech center in the brain loses its function. Nearly 18 to 23% of stroke affected people suffer from Aphasia.
2. Head injuries,
3. Encephalitis, and other brain infections
4. Traumatic injury to head and brain.

Most cases of Aphasia are temporary and treated within few days. Complete recovery is possible with effective treatment. But the permanent Aphasia is not treatable, and still millions of Americans are suffering from some form of Aphasia.

Treatment of Aphasia

Treatment aids in improving the communicating ability of the person.

Rehabilitation is given by speech – language pathologist. Aphasia is treated on the basis of extent of brain damage.

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