Appendicitis during pregnancy and Management

Appendicitis during pregnancy

Appendicitis during pregnancy

One in thousand pregnancies will get appendicitis. Even appendicitis is not difficult to treat in non pregnant state, appendicitis in pregnancy is difficult to manage.

The appendicitis pain is not felt at the exact region  and is difficult to diagnose during pregnancy.

Due to uterus distension, the colon and small bowel is displaced.  The uterine contraction prevents the abscess formation.

So nearly in 20 % pregnant mothers, Appendix is ruptured and causes peritonitis.

Delayed care may lead to pre-mature  labor  or Abortion.

In pregnancy, early appendectomy is indicated.

If appendicitis is diagnosed near term, or labor, Extraperitoneal Caesarean section and appendectomy to be done in order to prevent Peritonitis.

Therapeutic abortion is never indicated for appendicitis during pregnancy.

Tansabdominal drains are placed of needed after surgery.

Early detection of appendicitis during pregnancy helps in preventing complications.

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