Back pain: relief exercises and tips

Back pain is the pain originated from the muscles, bones, and spine of back region.

Treatment of back pain – tips to back pain relive

  • try to engage in activities as soon as possible after back pain starts to relieve.
  • don’t over stretch back muscles by doing work with difficulty.
  • place the pillow between knees while lying to lateral side to get comfort from back pain.
  • If you lie flat on surface, use pillow under knees to relieve back pain.
  • exercises to strengthen back muscles are helpful in relieving chronic back pain.
  • Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and other analgesics help to relieve back pain.
  • hot or cold compressions on affected area may relieve back pain.
  • even though bed rest is the best treatment to relive back pain, prolonged bed rest leads to depression.
  • change the posture, i.e use proper posture while working to avoid back pain.
  • do regular exercise as per physician’s advice to get relief from back pain.

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