Beriberi: Causes, Symptoms, Types, Treatment of Beriberi

What is beriberi?

Beriberi is the vitamin B1 deficiency disorder especially thiamine deficiency, resulting in neurological disorders. The nervous system, cardiovascular system, and muscular systems are affected by beriberi or Vitamin b1 deficiency. Meaning of beriberi is  “I can’t, I can’t “. Beriberi is common in Southeast Asia where people use rice with poor thiamine as a staple food.


Your opportunities growing beriberi are all low, For those who have usage of foods full of thiamine. Beri does occur in people with an alcohol use problem Now. Beri-beri from different reasons is more infrequent from the States. Even now, the illness might be found in females that suffer from severe nausea and sickness in pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum), in people with AIDS, and following the continuing operation.

Types of Beriberi

Two main types of Beriberi which are as follows,

Wet Beriberi

The cardiovascular system is affected by wet beriberi

Dry Beriberi

The nervous system is affected by dry beriberi.

Causes of beriberi

Vitamin B1 – thiamine deficiency is the main cause of Beriberi.

Beriberi is common in patients with alcohol abuse because excess alcohol consumption leads to poor nutrition, and the absorption of vitamins and minerals is very less.

People who consume a diet with less with thiamine, i.e. Polished white rice will get beriberi.

Beriberi is common in people who eat white polished rice ( less in thiamine) as a staple food.

Beriberi may also be seen in patients after Gastric surgeries.

Genetic beriberi is rarely caused and is due to family history or genetic inheritance. Patients with genetic beriberi, intestines fail to absorb thiamine or vitamin B from foods ingested. The symptoms of Genetic beriberi are usually seen during adult age.

Babies who receive less thiamine containing milk from mothers can also be affected by Beriberi. Formula feeding infants with inadequate thiamine also can suffer from Beriberi.

Dialysis to treat other diseases, and Diuretics can increase the risk of Beriberi.

Symptoms of Beriberi

Symptoms of dry beriberi
  • Weight loss,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • Emotional disturbances
  • General weakness,
  • vomiting

Dry beriberi Symptoms

  • Nerve damage,
  • Impaired sensory perception,
  • Partial paralysis,
  • Peripheral neural damage,
  • Loss of sensation in feet and legs,
  • Mental confusion,
  • loss of muscle coordination,
  • Pain in the limbs,
  • Tingling,
  • Difficulty in walking,
  • An increased amount of lactic acid and pyruvic acid in the blood,

Wet beriberi Symptoms

  • Cardiovascular abnormalities
  • Cardiac failure
  • Congestive cardiac failure is the main symptom of wet beriberi.
  • The weakening of capillary walls
  • Increased heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Awakening at night with sweating
  • Cardiac symptoms become fatal, if not treated
  • If not treated beriberi may lead to death.

Treatment of Beriberi

Thiamine Hydrochloride in tablet form or in injection form is given to treat Beriberi. Even with an hour of treatment with thiamine hydrochloride itself, the patient recovers from Beriberi’s symptoms.

  • High doses of thiamine injection,
  • Unrefined cereals,
  • Fresh foods such as  meat, legumes,
  • Green vegetables, fruits, and milk are provided to treat beriberi with rich thiamine supplements.

You’re going to require a series of evaluations to figure out whether you might have beriberi. Urine and blood tests will quantify the amount of thiamine. You are going to have a poor concentration of thiamine on your bloodstream and also a concentration on your own pee if a human own body has difficulty swallowing thiamine. Processing or cooking someone of those foods reduces their material.

  • Alcohol misuse, that may Ensure It Is difficult for the human body to consume and keep thiamine
  • hereditary Beri-beri, an uncommon illness which prevents your system by consuming thiamine
  • hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland)
  • intense nausea and nausea during maternity
  • Preventive operation
  • AIDS
  • Extended nausea or Usage of diuretics (medicine which causes you to inhale more)
  • undergoing kidney dialysis

To stop beriberi, try to consume. Included in these are

stop beriberi
  • Legumes and beans
  • seeds
  • beef
  • fish
  • entire grains
  • nuts
  • berry
  • specific veggies, including mackerel, acorn squash, brussels sprouts, spinach, and beet greens
  • breakfast cereals which are enriched using thiamine

When beriberi is captured and dealt with, the prognosis is still equally really good. Coronary heart and nerve problems in beriberi are reversible as it has captured in early phases. As soon as you start therapy method Retrieval is quick.

What’s beriberi medicated?

What’s your longterm prognosis for somebody else using beriberi?
An actual exam may notify your physician. Speedy heartbeatinflammation of the thighs and trouble breathing are typical signs of beriberi. Deficiency may be caused by other facets.

What’s beriberi recognized?

The best way to Stop Beri Beri
Then the prognosis is not poor In case beriberi advances to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Brain injury in Korsakoff syndrome is irreversible Whilst treatment may control signs and signs of Wernicke encephalopathy. Keeping up a wholesome diet is equally crucial for wellness. Speak with your physician if you believe that you’re currently revealing indicators of a lack or whether you will require tips about what steps to take to best to have the nutrition that you will demand. Be sure to buy the baby formula from the reference that is dependable.

Alcohol ingestion will lower your chance of beriberi. Ought to be assessed to get a nutrient lack. Breastfeeding mothers want to thiamine inside their daily diet plan. Drinking breastmilk or formula saturated in thiamine is in danger for deficiency. Medical practitioners can carry out a neurological examination to search for deficiency of nourishment, problems walking, droopy eyelids, along with also tails that are feeble. People who have phases of beriberi can reveal delusions, confusion, or even memory loss. Your development is going to be tracked to learn how effectively the own body is absorbing the vitamin. You also had better test it comprises thiamine In the event you donate your baby formula. Beri-beri can be dealt with thiamine nutritional dietary supplements. Your physician can prescribe a pill or a shot. For acute scenarios, thiamine will be administered by a doctor.

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