Occupational cancer: causes and prevention of cancer

Occupational cancer

Cancer caused from the occupation, or due to nature of work is called as Occupational cancer. Occupational cancer is a serious problem of the industry. The sites of the body usually affected by occupational exposure are skin, lungs, urinary bladder, and blood forming organs such as spleen etc.

Studies conducted from the different associations on occupational exposure and cancer, provides the approximate data that, 20000 cancer deaths, and 40000 new cancer cases in the United States are due to occupational exposure.

Millions of workers are working in the industries, and being exposed to occupational hazards even after those substances are carcinogenic.

Types of occupational cancer

Skin Cancer

 It is found that cancer of scrotum and the skin in the other part of body was caused by coal tar, X- rays, certain oils and dyes. According to statistics, nearly 75 % of occupational cancers are skin cancer.Skin cancer are an occupational hazard among gas workers, tar distillers, oil refiners, dye, stuff makers, road makers, and in industries associated with the use of mineral oil, pitch, tar,and related compounds.

Lung cancer

It is a occupational hazard in the gas industry, asbestos industry, nickel and chromium work, arsenic roasting plants, and mining of radio active substances causes occupational lung cancer. Lung cancer is also associated with smoking.

Bladder cancer

 It is normally caused in aniline industry and rubber industry. Bladder cancer or occupational bladder cancer is caused due to exposure aromatic amines. Bladder cancer is also caused by exposure to chemicals in dyeing industries, rubber, gas and electric cables industries.


  it is the another name of blood cancer. Exposure to roentgen rays, an radioactive substances causes leukemia.

these are the main occupational cancer or occupational hazards.

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