Cesarean section: indications, care after delivery

  • esarean section is the procedure of delivery of baby through an incision made in the lower abdominal wall. A small incision is made as the baby can be taken out and after baby is born the walls are repaired using stitches. The baby birth after cesarean section is called as cesarean delivery.
  • Cesarean delivery is the surgical procedure used to expel the baby from the mother’s womb when normal birth canal delivery is not possible. Cesarean section is the surgical form of child birth.
  • Cesarean section recovery takes some weeks. Effective post operative care of mother helps in easy recovery after cesarean section. Care after cesarean section includes immediate care after cesarean section, and care given for a period of week.
  • Bleeding after cesarean is the common complication and nurse plays a major role in identifying bleeding after cesarean section.

Indications of cesarean delivery

Cesarean section is indicated when normal  delivery through birth canal might cause damage to the mother or baby. Reasons for cesarean delivery are as follows.

  • High risk pregnancy
  • presence of pelvic mass
  • prolonged labor
  • shoulder dystocia
  • apparent fetal distress
  • apparent maternal distress
  • pre eclampsia and hypertensive disorders,
  • pelvic contractions,
  • pelvic carcinoma,
  • cephalopelvic disproportions,
  • multiple pregnancy
  • malpresentation suc has breech presentation
  • failed induction  of labor
  • Macrosomia or large baby,
  • placenta previa, placenta abruptio,
  • umbilical cord abnormalities etc.
  • sexually transmitted diseases like genital herpes
  • history of previous cesarean section

care after cesarean delivery

  • Administration of intravenous fluid is important.
  • Inject methargin 2 mg IM route to stop bleeding.
  • Oxytocin drip may be administered to make the uterus to contract and stop bleeding
  • Monitor vital signs,
  • Administer sedatives such as Diazepam.

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