Childhood Diabetes: Causes, Types, Symptoms of Children Diabetes

Childhood diabetes

Childhood diabetes

Diabetes can affect individuals irrespective of age, sex, or race. Type 1 Diabetes is a common type of childhood diabetes. Statistics show that 90 percent of the children (under the age of 16) are affected by Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes in children or childhood diabetes is caused because of pancreatic inability to produce insulin.

The rate of beta ell ( Pancreatic cells) destruction in type 1 diabetes is rapid in infants and children and slow in older adolescents and adults. ketoacidosis as the first indication of type 1 diabetes is present in both children and adolescents. signs of diabetes in children are post-meal hyperglycemia, fasting hyperglycemia that rapidly develops to severe hyperglycemia. The main signs of diabetes in children include ketoacidosis in the presence of any infection in the body.

Causes of childhood Diabetes

cause of type-1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes in children is caused by immune destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells of pancreas.Production of antibodies against proteins in the islets cells of pancreas is found in children. But in  adolescents, antibodies are produced before some months of onset of diabetes.

The presence of antibodies against proteins of islets such as GAD-65, ICA, IAA and IA-2, have formed the basis for trials and easy to predict who will develop type 1 diabetes. Children with high titer auto immune antibodies and those with more than one antibody are more prone to develop type 1 diabetes.

In addition, young age and being a first degree relative of someone with type 1 diabetes place children at high risk. In general, 70 percent of people with new-onset diabetes will have a positive antibody if only one antibody is tested, whereas 90 percent will have at least one antibody when all four are measured.

cause of type-2 diabetes

Cause of  type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents is because of  obesity or overweight, insulin resistance, and  a family history of type 2 diabetes, are important causes of type 2 children diabetes. Diabetes blood sugar  balance is important to prevent hyperglycemia or increased glucose level.

Childhood diabetes effects normal life of growing children. Some children becomes dull and looks depressed. Dullness and in activeness in children are important signs of diabetes in children.

Cause of diabetes in children are different. Cause of Type 1 diabetes in children  is because of pancreatic abnormality to produce insulin. Cause of type 2 diabetes in children are obesity, family history of diabetes, etc.

Children diabetes diagnosis is very important to start treatment to prevent complications. childhood diabetes onset is not found exactly as the symptoms seen later. Childhood diabetes risk is high to child as the childhood is the growing period. Improper health care and failure to maintain diabetes blood sugar leads to worsened symptoms and complications.

Symptoms of diabetes

More or less symptoms of children diabetes are similar to that of symptoms of diabetes in adults. Most of children are asymptomatic to some years and diagnosing diabetes in children is very critical and important.

The symptoms of childhood diabetes include

  • frequent urination and Increased thirst
  • extreme hunger
  • unusual weight loss
  • irritability
  • repeated infections
  • slow healing of wounds
  • bruises under skin
  • numbness in hand’s and feet
  • tiredness
  • behavioral problems
  • headache increases with mild work also,
  • tummy pains etc

Facts about childhood diabetes

  • Avoid children to become obese as it helps in prevention of type 2 diabetes.
  • Type 1 diabetes in children is common and appropriate insulin administration to maintain diabetes blood glucose in normal range is important.
  • Insulin administration to treat type diabetes should be taught to parents and to grown up children also.
  • Diabetes children may oppose to get injected regularly. Motivation by the parents and health education by the health care member should be given to child.
  • Presence of HLA genes is found in nearly 70 % of type 1 diabetes affected children.
  • Childhood diabetes should be well treated for the better health of child.
  • Follow up medical care and administer medications regularly.

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