Constipation: remedies, cure tips

  • Constipation can be cured with laxatives.
  • Difficuty in passing hard stool is termed as constipation.
  • due to hard stool, infrequent defecation.
  • If fecal matter from body is not removed through proper defecation, fecal material will create discomfort¬† and long term fecal hold leads to toxicity.

Tips to relieve from constipation

  • drink nearly three liters of water every day.
  • take fibre rich diet: vegetables and fruits.
  • drink a cup of warm water before breakfast, it stimulates bowel movement.
  • regular exercises will promote normal bowel movement.
  • avoid sugar and white flour in food, these foods tend to cause constipation.
  • if you are lean or have less fat use appropriate amount of oil in food.
  • avoid curried foods, snacks, and junk foods.
  • if the child has constipation, avoid milk and give fruit juices.
  • when all these ¬† fail use laxatives with the guidance of doctor.

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